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News from OALC

OALC physicians offer joint resurfacing as an alternative to joint replacement.

Resurfacing of the hip, knee and shoulder joints is a trend that has drawn a great deal of attention recently. This noninvasive process allows physicians to conserve more of the natural bone instead of completely replacing joints damaged by arthritis and other causes. It’s a method that’s especially appealing to younger patients for whom the damage and pain of osteoarthritis has just begun. Resurfacing helps these patients get back to the activities that are important to them more quickly than they would with joint replacement surgery.

Currently, the most popular forms of resurfacing are hip resurfacing and partial knee resurfacing. In hip resurfacing, the end of the thigh bone (the femur) is “capped” with a metal covering – much like a dentist would cap a tooth. This allows patients to preserve more of their natural bone and can reduce the risk of dislocation while providing a more natural performance that a hip replacement.

Partial knee resurfacing can offer a solution to patients who may not yet be candidates for total knee replacement surgery. It is a less invasive procedure, it conserves bone, and it allows more of the natural knee to remain intact.

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